Going to Memphis benefit at Mac’s this Sunday- details

Details, about fundraiser for me and my guitar at Mac’s Sunday
I got this up date from Paul Biondi. Thanks Paul.

Paul J Biondi
3:00 PM (2 hours ago)

On Sunday, many local musicians and friends of Walker will gather at Mac’s restaurant (room donated by Pat & Peggy McCullum of Mac’s ) to raise money to send Walker and his guitar to this historic competition in Memphis , Ten.
Set 1 – 1 Pm
Hank Shreve – ( of the Hank Shreve ) Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, & ( kitchen sink )
Gerry Rempel – Electric Guitar
Bill Shreve – Vocals, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
Rae Gordon – Electric Guitar
Soloman DeNiro – Drums
Paul J. Biondi – Saxes, Woodwinds
Set 2 – 2 Pm
Michael Brewer – ( formally of The Mary Butterworth Band ) Lease Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Russ Whitlatch – Bass Guitar
Soloman DeNiro – Drums
Set 3 – 3 Pm
Brian Chevalier – Lead Voocals, Electric and Slide Guitar’s, Accordion, Washboard, ( everything else plus the kitchen sink )
Brian will be joined by his band mates from Heavy Chevy
Set 4 – 4 Pm
WALKER T. RYAN – Slide Blues Guitar, Lead Vocals
will be joined by his many musical friends.

Walker has in the past aways donated his time and energy to the many fund raisers that go on in Lane County. Now it’s our turn to help him pay for this trip to Memphis to represent our town. As far as I’m concerned Walker is the best choice for us all. He’s has been involved in the music scene in Lane County for years and has mentored many musicians. We’re all proud of him and hope many people will show up Sunday and make a donation to this GREAT GUY, Sincerely, Paul J. Biondi


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