Living Room- New CD at CDBABY –

;Walker_T_Ryan_Front_Cover<a back cover 1 (1)

Burnin’ With the Blues

Bye Bye Baby Blues

I had a good Home.

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3 Responses to Living Room- New CD at CDBABY –

  1. Aaron Foord says:

    Werewolf Blues and Everybody Got To Change, fantastic tracks on a fabulous album. Walker T does not just play these songs, he does not just sing these songs, he FEELS these songs and the listener can hear that in every word and with every slide.

  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    I had the privilege of meeting this “Gentleman of Blues” at Kirkwall Airport in Orkney today and have to say I was so impressed with him, (he’s a real Gent) and his music is genuine blues from his very soul. Looking forward to his next visit. Ian MacLeod. 25 July 2015

  3. Jann Skelly says:

    I met him when I was ‘trowelling’ in a trench at Ness of Brodgar!! His music resonated across the site and was absolutely wonderful!! Work kind of slowed down a bit but continued…. people swaggered to the music … excellent!!! THANK YOU for your MUSIC XXXXX

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