What Others Have Said


“That boy’s got a soul of his own!”       Dave VanRonk

“Walker T Ryan is a blues icon in Eugene.” Ken Kesey- Author, Prankster



“Walker never preaches. He tells stories and lets us see the truth with our own eyes. It sticks deeper that way. Walker has the soul of and Irish storyteller with a bluesman’s musical vocabulary, never failing to acknowledge and honor the African roots of the blues in his shows, while explaining the contibutions of immigrants and  po’ whites, crazies and characters off all colors. Hence the fitting title “Underdog-American Music.  His familiar-feeling yet inventively original songs speak of huge truths in the language of the working people, with words that fit around real  and sometimes raw feelings, not cleverly constructs from a rhyming dictionary.”  tr kelley- shaman and musician

“Walker T Ryan Just him and his guitar. Underdog American Music. Walker T is the real deal. A bluesman, a Delta bluesman! A true, died  in the wool lefty. A Pete Seeger, Woody and Leadbelly Folk singer. A  lover of old Rock and Roll and country music. He knows hundreds of  songs. As his friend, TR Kelley labled it, “Underdog American Music.”  He works as a solo and makes it look easy, but there’s years of craft  and heart and experience and compassion behind his on-stage  simplicity. He’s played thousands of gigs for all kinds of people, in  places most of us only read about, and he’s entertained them all.  Just him and his guitar.” Ken Babbs- Author, Prankster

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